A touch of magic throughout your wedding party?

Turning  your wedding party accurately and metaphorically into a magical feeling ? It is no longer a dream. Kim Dèrvan is the perfect man to captivate your wedding party into something overwhelming and unknown. For this special occasion he dresses up and wears his best suit.

Say no to dusty or old-fashioned magic tricks with top hats and white rabbits. Embrace Kim Dèrvan’s pure enchantment and illusions with a touch of humour, a strong surfeit of creativity and mind-blowing special effects even in the hands of your beloved guests. It’s a nice mixture of humour, interaction and magic that leads to the point that you won’t forget this wedding party easily. Let these puzzled looks appear and Os and As will lead  to some funny and glamorous moments. Be mesmerised by Kim’s magic.


What are the possibilities that Kim Dèrvan offers for your wedding? 

 *Close up magic during your reception : Kim Dèrvan welcomes your invites in an original way , the perfect opener and crowd -warmer for the dinner party.

*’For Lovers’ close up magic during the dinner party :While your guests are waiting for the next plate to come, Kim Dèrvan appears and enchants them with his magic .He walks across the venue and stops at every table. The magician entertains your guests in a nice and interactive way so they can enjoy their stay while waiting for the next dish to come.

*A central act for all your guests after the main course : Let your dinner party start with a loud bang : a fantastic and mesmerising show by Kim Dèrvan with great magical acts and illusions that torture your brain.   

*Special requests: Kim Dèrvan can even let your wedding cake appear in a spectacular way using smoke, fire or ice factors. Do you want your wedding rings, gifts for your maid of honour or souvenirs for your guests to debouch in an original way?  Anything is possible!

Booking a magician tailored to the needs of your wedding party? Demand rapidly  a free estimate.

A wedding party with a personal touch 

A wedding day is day where the spotlights are all day long on the couple. Do you organise a specific party or do you have special requirements, objects, anecdotes or you just want to thank some extraordinary people that mean so much to you ? It all can be done in a magical way that your guests won’t forget. Kim Dèrvan joins your table and listens to your desires, demands  and creates together  with you a customised program. As a magician and illusionist Kim thinks out-of-the box and is really looking forward to face your creative ideas.

The magical acts and shows are for young and old and can be done for smaller and larger groups in three languages( Dutch, French, English)

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