Close-up magician Vilvoorde

Close-up magician Vilvoorde

Are you looking for a well -trained close-up magician for your wedding, party or event in Vilvoorde? Don’t look any longer and meet Kim Dèrvan , he’s an expert in close -up magic!

A close-up magician creates magical illusions right under your nose at your dining table. Kim Dèrvan is a master in conjuration, is an expert in the art of illusions and mixes all of these components with a touch of humour.

You surely experienced once that you are in company of the same people the entire evening. At a certain moment, you don’t know any longer what to talk about and you definitely are getting bored. People leave their tables to get some fresh outside,they make a little stroll or hang around the bar etc.

Don’t let this happen, on your party or event!

Hire Kim Dèrvan to amaze your guests after each dish with his smooth personality and enchanted gimmicks. He hoofs among your guests’ table and swiftly shows mind -blowing tricks under the attentive eye or even in your guests ‘hands.

His exceptional magical effects imply happy faces, extraordinary gazes and lots of yells like wauw, amazing and a very cheerful dynamic throughout your business event, wedding party or event. He uses the most original and spectacular tricks to entertain and mesmerize your invites.After your festivity they will thank you for the extraordinary evening and unforgettable, thrilling experience. Mission is accomplished because giving your guests an amazing party or event where they will be parroting about for a very long time, that’s the main purpose of course!

Hiring close-up magician Kim Dèrvan for:

Close-up magic for smaller and larger events

Magical act during receptions, wedding party, BBQs, family gathering 

Close-up magician in restaurants

Incredible magic tricks with cards and coins

Close-up magic in different languages

Magic shows for conventions and business events (magic related to your company or theme)

Customized close-up magic for your product or enterprise

Magic related to your product or company? 

Launching a new product in a magical way? Looking for a crowd-warmer on your convention booth? Do you need an opener throughout your seminary or business event ?  Kim Dèrvan tucks up his sleeves to create especially for you brand new magic tricks to put your enterprise to a higher level.

Magician Kim doesn’t need any high tech soundsystem or special lights effects. Only an audience, your customers can take part of his close visual acts with a big impact.

By applying all day objects like coins, cards, jewellery and company-related products…these magical illusions are fulfilled right under the nose of your guests.


Are you looking for a close-up magician? Ask immediately  a free offer

Close-up magic and a central show?

Would you like to have an extra fun show after the close-up magic? Have a look at the other types of acts.

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