About Kim

About Kim

Reality is an illusion, magic is my passion...

Magic has always been a part of my life.  Because my parents, also know as the magic duo Alfred & Trix, were magicians with international fame, I grew up in backstages of theatres.  Fascinated by the wonders of magic I wanted to understand every trick.  I have read every magic book that I could lay my hands on and was the assistant in spectaculair illusions.  During my childhood I met some of the biggest names in magic for that period.

Everybody can do a trick, only magicians perform miracles...

After my student years I became fascinated by close-up magic. Performing magic in the hands of the audience, crazy reactions and direct interaction with the audience.  I love it!  I studied some secret family magic potions, explored the online world of magic on the internet to find the most amazing tricks, I exchanged ideas with other magicians and tried out my new magic creations for family and friends. I gained knowledge very fast and my arsenal of tricks grew en my acts became stronger, more dynamic and most of all more amazing.

A magician with a magical mission...

Performing my magic as Kim Dèrvan, I gained lot of recongnition within the magic community en got to the semi-final of the famous Belgian TV show Belgium's Got Talent.  I took my responsibility towards the Belgian magic community and became for one year the president of the Belgian Magic Federation.  It's the federation that unites all magicians and magic clubs in Belgium and promotes the art of magic in Belgium.  The last ten years I create and perform magic for very well known companies like Coca Cola, Mercedes and Rolex.  These companies book me for corporate events, fairs and custom made magic with their products.  I also created a stage show with illusions and mental mindblowing tricks.

Let's add some magic to your corporate event or party...

I love to collaborate with individuals, companies, event agencies and wedding planners for magic at parties, weddings and corporate events.  Stylish, professional and a load of mindblowing acts and illusions I blend in with your guests. Your party or corporate event becomes unforgettable to your guests when Kim Dèrvan performs his amazing magic.  As a great bonus his wife en singer Katrine can add also some live music at your party.

Am I a magician, illusionist or mentalist?  It's up to you to discover...

The following clients (and lots more) were amazed by the magic of Kim Dèrvan

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